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Colour: Red

Winery: Il Torchio

Grape varianty: Sangiovese, Vermentino Nero, Syrah, Merlot

Year: 2020

Region: Liguria, Italien

Alcohol: 12,5%

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Logorroico means “talkative” in Italian. It has a dark ​​red color and clear edges, aromas of blackcurrant and fine but strong tannins and flavours of dark berries such as blackberry and black cherry. The wine has a slight acidity with an aftertaste of some walnuts.

This red wine is made from merlot, syrah, sangiovese and vermentino nero. The wine is carbon macerated and continues to ferment in open casks. All the grape varieties are vinified separately before storage. The wine ages in large wooden barrels for 6 months and in the bottle for 6 months.

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