Ugolino Lambrusco

kr. 135,00

Colour: Red

Winery: Faragosa

Grape varianty: Ancellotta, Lambrusco Maestri, Lambrusco Marani

Year: 2018

Region: Emilia-Romagna, Italien

Alcohol: 11%

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The Lambrosco wine appears very dark wintery ​​red with a very fine pink foam on top when poured. It smells very funky at first, but as the wine settles a little in the glass then you can smell walnuts and dark cherries. The wine has light bubble and it’s dry, spicy and acidic. It has nice tannins and a bitter aftertaste of nuts.

This Lambrusco is atypical from it’s kind with it’s more deeper rounded notes rather than the usual light and pink ones.

The wine is named after the grandfather, who always drank a glass of Lambrusco with his breakfast. It is made from organic, hand-harvested grapes of the types Ancellotta, Lambrusco Maestri and Lambrusco Marani from Novellara. The wine has aged for 12 months and has second fermentation in the bottle.

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